Tips & tricks ISBI 2021 online!

The ISBI 2021 conference will start on Monday June 14 2021.

In order to get most out of the conference please read the following instructions.
Sessions will commence at 9:00 am AEST, at 9.00 am CEST and at 9.00 am EDT.
The program will be repeated in three time zone. Please watch the time zone block that is most convenient for you.

Accessing the online conference
It is recommended that you open the portal and view the event in Google Chrome.
Please access the online platform through the link you have receive on thursday 10 June.
You need to be logged in on the virtual platform to access content.

How to register and log in on the virtual platform
On the home page of the sponsor portal, you will find the option to register. Click on the red button:

Create your user account by filling in the form.

A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. If you do not see it in your inbox, check also your spam folder.

Once you are logged in your initials will show up top right in a red circle. Now you have full access to the conference.
Allow your browser to store your credentials, then you will automatically stay logged in every time you return.

Log In
If you are not logged in yet, click on ‘Login / Register’ on the top right of the page.

Scroll down in the form, click on ‘login’ and use your credentials:

Username: your email address

Password: the one that you selected when you registered on the platform

If you forgot your password, you can request a new password by clicking ‘temp access code’. A temporary password will be emailed to you.

To edit or change your profile, click on the red button top right and click on ‘Profile’.

Please already log in well before the event so we have enough time to provide support in case you require assistance.

Where to view the Live Stream
You can access the conference live stream on the page ‘Live Stage’. This page will be opened on the day of the conference and will become the default landing page.

If you stream gets interrupted, please refresh the page.

If you see a blue box on the streaming screen that says ‘Get access’ click on it and if required log in.

If you scroll down the Live streaming page, you will find the program of the day.

How to ask Questions for the live Q&A
As we have many exciting presentations you have the possibility to ask questions in writing via the Q&A module. Live Q&A moderators will reply to questions in selected sessions. You find the Q&A module below your screen that broadcasts the live stream.

To start click on ‘Enter chat’.

Write a question and click send.

Questions are linked to sessions. Select the box (see shaded grey box in example) of the current session on the left side of the Q&A module.

The moderators of a session will review incoming questions and will select some for the discussion in the live panel. Questions are not anonymous. Some questions may get a reply in writing.

Approved questions by moderators will be published and will be visible to other delegates. To view public questions click on ‘Public’ in the Q&A module.

CHAT for Networking

Connect with peers who attend the conference via Chat.

Click on the Chat icon that you find on every page of the platform.

Enter Chat to allow others to contact you. Search for peers and interact.


Meeting Room for Networking
On the page ‘Meeting Area’ you find 4 public and non-moderated meeting rooms that are available for attendees to freely meet. Just walk in with your colleagues and meet. No booking is required. If the room is occupied, use another one.

Talk to the SPONSOR
In the Exhibitor area at a Sponsor’s booth page you directly talk to a sponsor at the time given. Just click on the red button: Talk to the Sponsor. No booking is required.

Please check out what our sponsors have to offer. Engage in a few talks with sponsors.


On demand recordings post conference
Recordings of the sessions will be published on the conference platform shortly after the conference. You will be able to use the same log in and password to access on demand materials.

ISBI will send out an online evaluation survey shortly after the event. Thanks in advance. Your opinion is highly appreciated.

In case you need technical assistance please contact