20th Congress of the International Society for Burn Injuries

14 - 17 June 2021


Dear friends and colleagues

It has been a difficult year for us all in every part of the world. Sadly, we all may have lost someone dear to our hearts.

As we all know the 20th International Society for Burns Injury (ISBI) congress was scheduled to be held in Birmingham UK on 24-27 August 2020. This was to be combined with British Burn Association (BBA) 53rd Annual Meeting. In addition, we were also to be joined by the FELAQ (Federacion Latino Americana de Quemaduras) and Chinese Burn Association (CBA). Due to the pandemic, our congress was rescheduled to 14-17th June 2021, at the same venue in Birmingham, UK. We were hoping at that time that we would be able to hold a hybrid format.

Considering the current progression of the pandemic, although there is some glimmer of hope that we would be in a better world in the summer of this year, both the ISBI and the BBA have decided to confirm the dates, 14-17th June 2021 and to hold the meeting as a virtual congress. We shall still be joined with FELAQ and CBA.

The organising committee is confident that the virtual congress shall provide a great experience both scientifically and also socially, utilising both streaming and on demand platforms. The format will take into consideration the different time zones across the globe. I would urge all multidisciplinary team members to submit and share their work from across the world. The virtual congress is an opportunity to share our experiences without the need and cost for travel and lodging.

Until we meet face to face again our gathering in June will be great experience, and I am looking forward seeing you all there


Naiem Moiemen
President, ISBI